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A Development team(s) suggestion? Those who want to ....?


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I'll voice the idea of a 'hands up' ... for those seeking to work on possible software projects in some capacity - and like to link up to a small team - that wants to work on specific projects/games...


Let's say there is a programmer(s) out there - who are advancing in their knowledge of programming - as to want to venture into their first proper game project - and require assistance with graphics, sound/music - and possibly an experienced programmer (to refer back to - for any tricky questions).

And maybe there are those who like to help with level design / playtesting - because they like to see how does a game develop? into it's final version...


I would say that I don't mind working on graphics for any projects I show an interest in, and am able to be of assistance with? It depends on what tools are available to work with, the type of graphics required - and whether I can come up with suitable designs. Some game types I can imagine being hopeless at - because I'm not really into that game type - also I prefer working slow - and it can be like a learning curve - in which over time, I can produce something suitable? maybe?


I wonder if there are others out there - who like to design game graphics - and like the opportunity to do so?

All it requires is to have the necessary talent in designing/drawing graphics.

It can be an advantage to have some graphics guys - who are available - and any big game would benefit from having more than one graphics person involved.


Of course - I don't expect a lot of hands up - as I expect those who are active, are involved with something already and already have their connections established/etc.

And I don't expect many to respond at all - to enable a new development team(s) to start producing what they like to work on - because I know it's very difficult to find ideal people to work with. Ideas may be floated around, etc - but it doesn't happen often for things to progress into serious development.


I can't recall any posting about this kind of topic - but I haven't frequented the programming section for some time now... which is more appropriate I guess to post this...



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