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Blank ATR images, SpartaDOS "Unrecognized Diskette Format"


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I used the Atari800 emulator to create standard 180K blank disk images on the PC.


I then put those on the SD card for SIO2SD (and connected to my 130XE w/SpartaDOS X cart)


I mounted one of the 180K blanks to D1:


With the SpartaDOS X cartridge, I did a Format command successfully for Double density 180K. "Disk Formatted successfully"


Immediately when I did a DIR, I get "Unrecongized diskette format"


After re-starting the computer however it was able to show blank MAIN directory with 713 free sectors.


After I started copying files from physical disk (D2) to the mounted D1, it copied 2 files and then said "unrecognized disk format"


After this when I do a DIR, it says "unrecognized diskette format" again


did I not initialize the disk properly?


(Note: I am trying to back up my old SpartaDOS based disks to ATR images to preserve them)



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I turned off SIO High speed to completely OFF. Still having the issue unfortunately!


Its weird because it says it was successful formatting and writing the directory


Instead of the SIO2SD I connected another physical drive and was able to format a blank and copy the files that way.


So I ruled out the SIO cables or any other weird issues. It looks like an SIO2SD issue.


Could it be a chain issue - I had the SIO2SD set up as D1 but it was connected to the XF551 which was D2

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