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burning your own ROMs


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I want to burn my own ROMs for my new game. I know Atariage and others will do it for you but I just want the experience and I like messing with hardware. I have created other carts for other systems so I have some experience.

I have found where I can get a board and burn up to 16k carts. What i want to know is if making a SC cart or a DPC+ cart is doable or desirable. can you get the chips, boards etc.. I haven't found a good answer due to me inexperience with 2600 carts. thx to all you 2600 hardware gurus out there.


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I'd be glad to sell you anything you need in terms of boards and parts.



Thanks, that changes the whole dynamics. I have maintained three versions of my game; std., SC and DPC+, since I wasn't sure which direction I wanted to go. I'm leaning more and more to finishing it with SC but was unsure if I could get a board. I'm not there yet to burn the boards so I'll get more details from you later. Question, the SC board only adds a memory chip to the std. board?

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