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Fight for the Cup 2017: NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey kit


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I've got a kit ready for Intelligentvision's enhanced hockey game, Fight for the Cup 2017: NHL All-Star Super Pro Hockey. When you order the ROM version, you get a PDF of my manual and an overlay image. If you'd like physical copies of these, this kit includes the 8-page manual and two overlays. You also get a cartridge label, which will come in handy if you're ordering a game board.




Kits are in stock now and will start shipping tomorrow. They're $6.75 plus postage. Go to my Intv Extras page to order: http://markthompson.us/intellivision/index.html


I've got 75 kits, and I don't expect a second run. I do still have Super Pro Baseball kits, though, so now is a good time to get one of those if you need one or are getting in on David's second run of boards.


I also made a box image for people to use on their Raspberry Pi Ultimate Flashbacks, but I don't know if it's possible down the road to have actual boxes made. My gut tells me that the1hatman will let us know when he gets around to this one.



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All orders to date have shipped. That's 65+ kits in only a few days. You people are animals! None of my other kits have sold that fast. There must be a lot of hockey fans out there.


I've ordered more materials and will be putting together additional kits. Thanks so much for all of the support.


P.S. Don't forget to order your game board from Intelligentvision this month if that's your preferred format.

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