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Years ago I burned a NESTERDC disc (the NES emulator for Dreamcast) and at the time I remember (before actually burning it) browsing the file structure of the CD like it was a compressed file (pretty sure the file was .CDI but it might have been .ISO) SO that I could rename files, add some remove some, sort by folder, etc.


Nowadays I'd like to burn a new one.

Side note, my old disc is listed as version 6.0 and some Google searching brings me to a 7.1 Special Edition with fancy front end and options for adding box art and screenshots and whatnot. My old one was just a black screen with while text file browser, so I like the sound of that.


However. I could only find ONE CDI file that would actually download, and even then I can't browse the .CDI file to actually add ROMs and there's no directions on how/where to add image files...


Long story short, someone here must know how to burn a NESTERDC disc, and I'd like a little help. I'm no newb to burning games for DC, but it's has been quite some years, and I'm obviously rusty!


Also, please don't just send links to other posts in other forums... that's ALL I can find on Google and they're all from 10+ years ago and are full of nothing but half baked tutorials referencing dead links.

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I used to burn games with Nero, but most people used Discjuggler (not sure if that's still available for modern computers.) The main thing is to burn at low speeds...less than 12x. I don't know if burners built into modern OS's allow for speed adjustment or not. I didn't bother putting an optical drive on my new PC.

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