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Bubsy Bobcat Fan Blog - Cruiz'in YouTube - April 2017 - Bubsy in Sonic


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So the trailers for Sonic Forces has recently come out and they introduce a new character that they show a silhouette that looks amazingly like Bubsy. Is this possible? Well, there are a lot of things that support that it would. Here are some videos that I found on this:

The first video I found that turned me onto this YouTube sensation.

Here we have a video where the author tries to explain away anyone else but Bubsy.

Explanation of who currently owns Bubsy and that there is an association with Bubsy and Sega now:

Wow, an 18 minute video explaining how it could be. And Bubsy voice imitations.

More speculation for the fun of the moment ... speculating a dog character.
This one is funny since he is basically drawing Bubsy and not realizing it. 9:40 into the video he brings up Bubsy.

Fun reaction to the possibility of Bubsy and other options given...

Here we have someone finding out about Bubsy just from all the speculation that is going on...

Huh, Bubsy talking to the fourth wall like Deadpool? Hey... I'm liking this modern take on Bubsy. I could TOTALLY see that. :D

Well at the very worst if Bubsy is not in the game, a lot of new gamers are looking him up at this point.

If he is in the game, I would buy the game and a PS4. :D

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