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Odyssey 2 Help


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My sister found a Odyssey 2 at a thrift store complete in box with the original styrofom and a handfull of games. Gave it to my brother for christmas(wish I got it), but when we hooked it up, it would not power up at all. Its dead in the water. I've looked around online and found a few things about it, but I got a bunch of help with my intellivision from these forums so I decided to give it a try here. What can I do to fix this? There is no power at all with this system. Really want to try this system out since my brother and I have really become retro collectors(we have 23 systems between us) and add it to our system cabinet.

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Have you tried another power supply? If you have a multimeter you can check to see if you are getting voltage out of it.


I have never had an O2 that was totally dead so the power supply is the most likely culprit.


If you have the barrel type power supply you can test it with an NES power supply even though it is DC it will work for testing at least.


If after all that you still get nothing then it is possible the voltage regulator on the board is bad. That can be replaced but it would require soldering and ordering a new one.

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If you don't have a multimeter, get two wires and a 12V lightbult. There is no risk of hurting you with the 9 Volts from the PSU so it's safe :P and it's a quick way (tho not a definitive one) to see if a PSU works or now.

If the O2 are alike the Euro models, there is a 4 position switch for RF. Try moving it, it could be stuck in an odd position and cut the RF signal.

also, the O2 boot into game by pressing the red key then a number, usually 0 or 1. You might have more luck getting a signal on your TV if there is a game running, with colors and sound, rather than the usual garbled boot screen.

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