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WANTED Atari Jaguar System


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I am in the market for a Jaguar System with controller , power supply , AV cables and any games.


Boxed Complete or Loose , I know I really cannot be picky.


The sad thing is I remember seeing them on clearance at KB Toys years ago for 24.99 new. I wish I had a time machine.



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I remember seeing the same exact thing at KB Toys back in the day too. I didn't get it and instead got an NES Toploader and a copy of Super Mario Bros 3. I miss that place it closed long ago where I'm from. Our actual mall I used to go to when I was a kid to play at the arcade or checkout KB Toys is gone too, was mostly torn down and converted to a strip mall. I wish my daughter could have the same experience like that I had when I was growing up, playing skeeball and all the other fun stuff they had in there. Just about every other weekend it was going to mall, first going in arcade, then kb toys looking around, then going in dollar tree to actually buy something. I miss arcades so much I'm thinking about building my own arcade cabinet for the house some day.


I'm looking on ebay now and see an untested, console only(no cords no nothing) for 90 bucks, something that might not even work. Seen one on ebay with cd add-on only asking $700, I wish I had a time machine too.

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You should be able to get them for about 130 plus shipping if your diligent, I managed to find them occasionally and when I do the package will be cybermorph (I have plenty) a controller, ac adapter and rf unit for the 130 mentioned, please note I DO NOT HAVE ANY RIGHT NOW, I WILL PM YOU IF I FIND ONE (I basically canvas all of ny,nj,Pennsylvania, and new england for jag lots, I've managed to find 10 in the last 7 months)

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I think they usually go for about $130 or less at the Digital Press store as well. I saw a few there the last time I went in. Not the best deal in the world, but fair.


And I now what its like to want to go back in a time machine for this kind of stuff. I remember a pallet of Atari 7800 systems displayed at my local Child World during a clear out for $19.99 each. I picked up two of them that day but wish I picked up more ;)

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