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New IIe owner here


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I have many excellent experience from my childhood with the IIe. My school had a room full of them for one. I had a TI-99/4A in my home growing up, but I had a friend named Eddie whose family had a IIe and a monochrome monitor. He had all kinds of great games and his parents used the computer for making banners and Sunday School literature on Dot Matrix paper.


He always loved my TI for graphics and sound stuff, and I always loved his Apple for Oregon Trail and Bard's Tale. We were just little kids, so we didn't do well on Bard's Tale--but the world was very encompassing!


Anyway, I have remained a passionate TI enthusiast, and I lost touch with Eddie over a decade ago.


Fast Forward to today. I have recently acquired an Apple IIe in a trade. It is shipping to me this week and I am very excited to fire it up.


It has a green monochrome monitor and a DuoDisk.




It does not have a cable for the DuoDisk, however, so I am relegated to Applesoft until I get one. I also will be in need of a Serial interface card so I can get programs over to it. Also looking for a copy of ADTPro (I think is what it is called) to allow me to transfer.


I recently bought 100 NOS 5.25 floppies on eBay, so I will not have a shortage of media.


Does anyone have a DuoDisk cable or serial card they wouldn't mind parting with for a reasonable fee?

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You're going to want a drive cable sooner rather later. Bootstrapping from ADTPro is cool, but you have to keep doing it with each image.
I really like IEC for their Apple II products -- http://www.iec-usa.com/cgi-bin/iec/L1569


In the meantime, playing with audio transfers with ADTPro is a pretty cool exercise. Then you'll be cooking when you get your serial card.


Super Serial cards are very common on eBay -- just make sure you get one with the cable that you mount to the backplate. A lot of offerings are missing the cable.

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Congrats you got the premium Platinum //e. PM me if you're interested in getting some disks made.


For sup'a serial cards try not to pay more than $20 bucks. They're always showing up on ebay. And the manual can be found on ftp asimov if you want to dig into it. Otherwise the instructions from ADTpro are more than enough to get going.



There's even instructions how to bootstrap your rig if you have no ADTpro disk to start with. Once you finish bootstrapping, you can make your ADTpro disk, which you will then use to transfer disk images to floppies. It goes pretty fast at 30 seconds per disk. You only bootstrap one time - to get the ADTpro disk.



Eventually you may want to get one of these:




I also highly recommend getting a head-cleaner disk (or a homemade scythe-shaped wooden tool-Q-tip) to get in the drive and clean the heads. Even NOS disks shed their coating nowadays causing odd random errors. This happens more now than it did in the past.


I also recommend getting Ciderpress and AppleWin emulator, along with a set of utility disks. And learn how to use the online repositories. These tools complement and add a lot to the classic Apple experience.





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Very good info fellas... thank you!


Yea, I need that DuoDisk cable asap...


As far as the card goes, there's a couple on eBay now, but I won't have the extra scratch until next Friday. I'm sure one will be available at that time or shortly thereafter.

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Well, the packages have been shipped. :)


I will be buying the disk cable I need from that place in Denver... strangely, my grandmother's house is less than 5 miles from that location.


Anyway, on the serial card... Most I hsv4 seen are listed as "untested" which (in vintage computer lingo) typically means you're 60% of the time buying junk that doesn't work anymore.


Are these cards pretty durable? Should I expect it to work, untested?

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I purchased several untested SSCs and had no issues - that is once I got the configuration set the way it needs to be. ADTpro website tells you how, and the original Apple manual explains what the switches, jumper block, and pinouts are.


With vintage telecom things need to be set just so.

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