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POKEY RMT by Eckhard


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Just started using this tracker a couple days ago. I love it! Very intuitive. Though, I'm not sure I fully understand everything quite yet. Output directly to .WAV file would be nice feature addition someday. Nevertheless, I managed to churn out a cover of Ninja Gaiden's Unbreakable Determination. My first POKEY tune. Enjoy! :)




XEX file attached below.


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If you post what you have, maybe we can figure out where its going wrong.


I don't know a whole lot about RMT, but some guesses comes to mind...


some RMT files have embedded 6502 code. Anything that directly hits the A8 registers might need to be adjusted.


Any dual pokey RMT wouldn't work right either.


Just some shots in the dark, without the source.

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