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FS: 2600, MBX, Dreamcast and more


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I have various items to sell. I can update with pictures later if there is interest. Some of this is negotiable and some not so much:


Rare TI99 MBX Joystick $65


Rare Vectrex arcade stick by Recycledgamer, modded NOS SNES Asci fighter stick with box $100


Vectrex Spike's Circus, painted PCB version by Madtronix $40


Vectrex Sean Kelly multicart, recent version $50


Various loose GCE Vectrex carts, few overlays


Sega Dreamcast console with cables, controller, memory card and games $80


Two semi-functional 2600 consoles for repair (both have loose power connections)(one Vader console and one Telegames) $25 each


Several broken or damaged DMG Game Boys, will sort and price if interested


Nintendo DS Lite, black with charger $20


3D Ocarina of Time, first edition, complete $20


Zaxxon tabletop game by Coleco $85


I will update with pictures and probably more items.

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Pictures are always a good and considerate idea when selling things. There are a few loose Vectrex overlays I've been looking for (Solar Quest, Space Wars and Spike fwiw).


Great price on the Vectrex multi-cart! That's what I paid for mine from the man himself, and it's sad to see what people have flipped them for on eBay. glwts

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