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Wanted: Colecovision games


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So I got the Colecovision out of the garage. Bored with the Colecovision games I have, and trying to fix the console to make it work 100% of the time (everything's ok except the colors don't work part of the time, it's like Game Boy colors.) I am wanting some more games for it so I can better appreciate it. Here's a list of games I ALREADY HAVE:


b.c. 2


Cosmic Avenger

Donkey Kong

donkey kong jr.


Lady Bug

miner 2049er

Mouse Trap


Roc 'N' Rope


Space Fury

Space Panic


Time Pilot




So anything except the games I listed are fine. Also, I'm not looking for super-expensive, super-rare titles at the moment. Just reasonably priced loose games. Don't care about condition, just as long as they work. PM me if you have any Colecovision goodness.


here's what I'm looking for in terms of common games:




Ken Uston

Mr. Do



River raid


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I've got extra copies of Beamrider, Squish 'em Sam, Wargames, QBert, Zaxxon, Pit Stop, Star Trek, Buck Rogers, River Raid, BurgerTime, Pepper II, and BC's Quest for Tires Grog's Revenge as well as no-label versions of Fraction Fever and Facemaker if you are interested.



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Just got my Colecovision out from the garage. Noticed the a/v cord needs to be in just the right position to play sounds. Is there a fix to this? (Yurkie fixed the video problem it was having.) The reason I'm asking here is because I want more games for it. Bumpy.

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