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FreeDO Joypad/Controller? (3DO Emu)


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Any one have any luck getting a controller to work in FreeDO? I have a SNES style USB Buffalo controller that a dozen or so emulators recognize on my Windows 7 PC, but not FreeDO.


Am I missing something in settings?


What model controller do you have working?


Thanks in advnace!

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I use an emulator called 4DO, it seems to recognize my usb joystick with no problems (actually a USB to 3DO controller adapter that I have a 3DO controller plugged into). Maybe give that emu a shot? It's a decent one.


I need to give 4DO another try. The build I DLed crashed on my Windows 7 box.


FreeDO has perfectly booted and ran all of the 2 games I've tried :P

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