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My small but still respectable collection

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People here seem to like collections so here's mine! I plan to move some of these things when I get my room repainted and the floors redone. I'm not gonna move anything prior to that because some of this stuff is really heavy and hard to move around.




Picture of my room as a whole. This has pretty much all of my stuff, including my two CRTs, a keyboard, my PC shelf/console shelf, and a bunch of other stuff.




This shelf has a good majority of my PC games, including all of my big box games. Since they take up a ton of room I'm selling off the ones I don't play and keeping the ones that I really like. Pretty much anything left on this shelf is never gonna get sold.




My shelf. Top row is all the PC games I'm selling, middle row is a few Gundams and a lot of boxes, bottom is my PS1 and NES.




This shelf holds most of my consoles and a couple games I like having on display. That includes Sakura Wars Limited Edition Reprint for the Saturn, Madoka Magica Portable Limited Edition for PSP, Fate/Extella Noble Phantasm Edition for PS Vita, a Japanese PS2 box, and Fate/Unlimited Codes Special Edition. Fate/UC and Madoka both came with figures that I have on display. The other two things on the shelf are Master Gundam and Burning Gundam model kits.

The full list of consoles on the shelf is:


Japanese PS2 Slim (Silver)


Mega Drive VA6

Genesis VA6

Japanese Saturn Model 1

Softmodded Xbox 1.6


Sadly this shelf and therefore the consoles are obscured by the placement of my desk and the CRTs, which I'll fix when I get my room reorganized.




My very tiny collection of Saturn and PS1 games. Just like with PC games I'm sticking with the games that I play and like, so even though it's a small collection I still enjoy it a lot. There's also a couple PS1 games there. Nothing too special but still fun. Because Saturn and PS1 games are getting more expensive, I like to focus on cheap, lesser known games over the big budget expensive ones. There's a few exceptions there, but even then I bought those games for way less than their average price. Being patient can get you quite far.




The whole rest of my Sony stuff, aside from some PS2 games that I didn't dig up. 11 Vita games, 2 PS2 imports, 3 PS3 games, 3 PSP games, and 1 PS4 game.




All of my Genesis/Mega Drive stuff. I mostly stuck to imports because they were cheaper, but I caved in and got a few American games as well due to the prices of them. Plus, two of three Genesis games in the photo are exclusive to America and Europe.


Overall, it's not huge but I'm happy with it and don't plan to add much to it. Maybe a few more games and some things for convenience like a Component switcher.



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Cozy indeed. These smaller setups are the best! You don't need to have a hoard of games to have fun. Awesome times can be had with a modest collection, attested to by all the nostalgic stories of the 1970's and 1980's. None of us had piles of cash then, and that means small collections. And we had loads of fun.

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Well, I redid the room and it's way, way better.




Overview. Far left is the TV/consoles (see photo below), middle is my keyboard, right is my PC with games, CRT monitor, and speakers, far right is the rest of my PC games, 1/144 Gundam models, and Sony limited editions + Vita games.




Consoles and TV. The consoles are a SEGA Genesis (Model 1 VA6), Mega Drive (Model 1 VA6), NES, Xbox (1.6), SEGA Saturn (Japanese Model 1), and a Playstation 2 (Japanese Slim). TV's a Insignia 21-inch CRT from 2006.




...and a whole mess of cables to go with it. I don't know of any way to do power cables in a tidy way, and when you add a capture setup to the mix, it gets messy. From left to right, there's a Kramer S-Video DA (1-in 3-out), Hauppauge HD PVR (Component capture), Dazzle DVC100 (240p S-Video/Composite), and a Dynex LCD TV (for viewing the passthrough on the HD PVR). Also a bunch of models I need to build.




Managed to clear out pretty much all of my PC games I had for sale, and I got rid of my Gundam model boxes, so I had free space to display games and more models. Top shelf is 1/100 Gundam models, middle is PC jewel case games, bottom is Nintendo stuff.




Closer look at the PC stuff.

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