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I'm sick of my Colecovision's color problem. So I'm sending it to Yurkie to see if he can fix it. I dug my Colecovision out from the garage yesterday (I don't know why.) i cleaned the on/off switch and the reset one as well. That fixed the line issue, but the color issue is still there as well. I have to tweak the RF cable so it displays the colors correctly. I got sick of it and I want a good Colecovision. Also, I actually got a response to my Oranges game. They said it was too easy. So I decided to add a background and make the oranges go faster once you get 100 points. Well, that did it for me. I can't even survive long enough to get 300, let alone 1,000. It went from cute little game to something I'd spend hours cursing at. I just don't understand why people enjoy hard video games. I would actually like to beat something while playing it. For example, it took me about 30 or so tries each and getting the invincible power up to beat New Super Mario Bros. U and 2. Why? I understand the pride aspect, but I guess my problem is I hate challenges. Everything should be easy, or else I get into deep depression. So anyway, I had to cheat to test the ending on this version of Oranges. I typed the score to start at 999. I added border art to Oranges as well. Those are supposed to be bags of oranges, but I can't draw very well. And it messed up the game over screen, so I had to work on that as well. I had a hard time getting to sleep. I finally did at about 3:30am. If anyone can draw a better bag of oranges that's 8x16 pixels, please let me know.

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