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Sound 1 CIB Found Today. Amazing Shape. Need Info on Rarity


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Found a complete in box Sound 1 Coleco player today at a thrift store. The box is in overall good shape and the contents are immaculate. The player looks barely touched. The Smurfs Saves The Day game looks unplayed, the white microphone is sealed in bag, all manuals and reg cards are mint and the three Smurf cassettes are factory sealed. Anyone have info on value or rarity? How do I upload pics, I'd like to share.


Thanks in advance.


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No idea on rarity or value, but I'd like to see it.


You can upload pics by clicking the "more reply options" button. Then there's an "Attach Files" area below the text window.


Also, if you upload them to a site like imgur first, you can click on the little icon in the tool bar of the text window that looks like a polaroid or photo or whatever, to put in a link to the picture from the site where you uploaded it.

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I am just impressed that it was found as a complete set -- Value Village often parts things out and sells each item separately (sometimes even at different stores).


As for rarity, I have been collecting games (with varying degrees of enthusiasm) here in Canada since about 1990, and I have NEVER seen one for sale at retail.

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Thanks for the reply. I've been collecting a long time as well and am still surprised every time I find items like this at Savers (Value Village). Just hope they don't end up listing video games on an auction site like Goodwill does.

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