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US voltage is technically 110v at 60hz. But most of the houses I've lived in on average you get closer to 120v at 60hz. My current house was build in '65 and my AC voltage from most of the outlets reads 123 - 126v. Which is high, but nothing seems to have taken damage from it in the 5 years I've lived in it.


I stand corrected. Just checked again and it looks like in the 70s it was determined that mean voltage readings to most homes was 117v. However, in reality most homes average about 120v/60hz in the US these days. And supposedly there is talk about raising this to 125v. Perhaps my house is already at this 'new' standard. That would explain my 123 - 126v readings my kill-a-watt seems to pick up in the game room. All within the 5% tolerance of 120v.

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