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Digital Multimeter for repairs

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I am looking for a better digital multimeter for TI-related repair, upgrade, hobby work.


The cheap $40 meter I bought last year is irritatingly slow to respond, especially when testing continuity and voltages. I have looked at a few of the Fluke DMMs, among others, but I'd like to get a sense of what others are using. Suggestions and/or experience-related comments would be most helpful. Thanks.


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I have a Fluke that I have used for years. I also just bought the following for around $33 on Amazon.


Uni-T B4Q094 UT210E True RMS AC/DC Current Mini Clamp M W Capacitance Tester


It seems to be doing rather well and I have had no problems with it. It is small, but easy to read and has a backlight.




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I use fluke tektronics and a HP, all are serious overkill for hobby use




So are the prices!


now that the op has made a purchase, yea the prices can get up there, but the fluke was a present from my dad when I started school many moons ago, the tek came from my old company, they bought all new flukes and said I could have it, and the HP I scored on ebay for 70 bucks as its a outdated model (but it came in with a brand new calibration seal and a Boeing asset tag)


out of all of them I use the HP the most as its a desktop model and doesnt require batteries, it just sits on my scope ready to go, where as the handhelds tend to annoy me as no matter where I put them, they are in the way ... and they always seem to be out of battery power as they use 9v batteries instead of the more common AA batteries of newer meters

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