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IBM 5150 keyboard issue

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I have a third-party keyboard that's switchable for use with PC/XT and AT that my 5150 doesn't seem to like--the computer doesn't respond to any key presses. I know the keyboard works because I've used it on other systems. I've never really tested my 5150 before because I never had a keyboard for it before I got this one, so I don't know if there's an IC or cap failure or something and the system doesn't recognize any keyboard.

Any ideas what the problem might be? Something simple I'm missing?

(Yes, I have the keyboard switched to PC/XT. :P )

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Some info: http://www.vcfed.org/forum/showthread.php?42091-IBM-AT-Keyboard-or-Model-F


I still have that spare Model F if you find something interesting to trade for it. :)

That thread seems to confirm my understanding that a switchable PC/XT-AT keyboard should work on, well, my PC. I'll have to mess around with it some more.


I unfortunately don't really have anything that interesting that I'm ready to give up (or that you're likely to want). :P

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Have you ever had a keyboard working on that 5150? Maybe the port or decoding chip is bad? I should have brought my keyboard to the show so you could test it out.

No, I've only really powered it up and it boots just fine, but I had to hunt down a keyboard for it. Thought I'd found one, but it seems not. :/


Although now that I think of it, there is an error code on boot-up that I assumed had to do with an incorrectly connected hard disk I was messing with. I'll have to see what that was. Could be keyboard-related.

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Did a little more messing around with it last night, but no keyboard errors indicated by the POST (the error code was, in fact, from the hard disk controller). I poked around the board a bit and fiddled with the keyboard port to see if I could find any bad solder joints, but nothing jumped out. Caps look pretty good, too. Which isn't to say I couldn't have missed anything, of course.

Poop. Maybe it just doesn't like my keyboard? Which would be weird since I've used it with those systems that one guy left at MGC a few years back.

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I'm skimming the operations manual a little bit (what little I can while at work :P ) and I'm beginning to suspect there may be other factors at play here. When the system is powered on, it's supposed to beep--mine doesn't (and I know the speaker works; I got some error beeps when I was experimenting with the hard drive controller). There's a very short, quiet, staccato pop, like the speaker's simply getting power, but that's it. Nor is there a beep after the memory test.

The manual also says there's supposed to be an "IBM Personal Computer" message after the memory test (which mine doesn't show?) but I think this is referring to the BASIC/OS prompt (which it does). That is, "The IBM Personal Computer Basic, Version C1.whatever, Copyright blahblahblah."


I have a PS/2 to 5 Pin DIN connector that I can bring to VCF if you can't get your fixed by then. I'm not sure if it will work (it might be for AT keyboards) but we can try.

Ten to one it will only be AT compatible, but it's worth a shot!

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