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Well, the master disc has been made for Snowman's Land in case the computer I have it stored on breaks down. I made the DVD menu. It took me a half-hour before I just quit trying and pulled out another disc project and inserted the Snowman's Land stuff for it and erased what I had in there and saved the project under the Snowman's Land name. So now that everything has been completed, I just have to wait until May 1 rolls around next week and then announce it's for sale. And don't worry about trying to get on a list or not getting one, it's a make-on-request thing (although you do have to pay $10 for it, extra for shipping outside the US.) I made the DVD cover for it. So what's next for the ActionMax? I don't know if there will be a third ActionMax homebrew or not. An idea would have to hit me pretty hard to make a 3rd one, and I'm fresh out of ideas. At least the reality that there is a hunting game for a console that uses a light gun as a controller happened (Bubba's Buck Blastin').

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