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FS: Mac Mini G4 1.5Ghz model upgraded RAM, keyboard, mouse, MorphOS - SOLD!


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And I only started using it ;) I recently purchased a really clean and fully functional Mac Mini G4 1.5Ghz model specifically for MorphOS which is an Amiga-Like OS that will only run on a handful of PPC Macs...including this one. I then purchased 1GB of memory and upgraded it (this is the max), purchased the official apple keyboard and mouse as well. The setup looks and works great. I installed MorphOS and the Crystalis Pack and was planning on purchasing MorphOS down the road but I need funds now.

If anyone is interested in the set, $95 shipped in the USA takes it. Comes with Mac Mini G4 1.5Ghz model (a pretty rare model!), original power supply, DVI to HDMI cable, keyboard, mouse and morphOS installed.

I can get pics up later tonight if someone does not grab it before then, but rest assured it is a nice system! PM if you want it!








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You can install 10.4 (up to 10.4.11) and 10.5 (up to 10.5.8 ). It does not come with the original disks, but I am sure someone who really wants to install either of these OSes will be able to quite easily. I tried them both on it as a matter of fact and it worked fine. MorphOS is just very very cool ;) I can always install 10.4 or 10.5 prior to shipping it if you want that instead.

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Pics added. You will notice that it says "1.42GHz" on the system, but it is indeed a 1.5Ghz PPC CPU inside. It was a "silent upgrade" from Apple and according to them it does not exist ;) It also upgraded the VRAM to 64MB as opposed to 32MB on the 1.42GHz model. It is harder to find because it is not labeled on the outside of the machine. Read more about this model here:



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