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NES games that made use of parallax scrolling and related effects

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NES games that used parallax scrolling

In this thread, we post gifs of NES / Famicom games that used parallax scrolling backgrounds.

Nintendo's 8-bit console obviously did not support multi layers of scrolling in hardware like the Sega Genesis / Mega Drive did (2 layers in hardware, and a lot of games had a ton of parallax. The SNES / SFC supported 4 layers in hardware.

However thanks to both clever programming by developers and a variety of specialized memory chips inside the game cartridges, some of the later NES games pulled off some incredible results using parallax scrolling.

-- Here are some of them.

BATMAN: Return Of The Joker.





Metal Storm


Sword Master


VICE: Project Doom


Battletoads (vertical parallax, very tough to pull off to create the 3D-ish effect)


Joy Mecha Fight


Ninja Gaiden III: The Ancient Ship of Doom (my favorite example!)


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post-24767-0-86421100-1493198716_thumb.gif <- click to animate


Rod Land for the NES. It has clouds worming across the screen slowly. Then the whale fight with animated bubble in the background. Very rare to see on an NES to have something in the background almost stationary while moving a large tilemap object. And the tower transition when the wall in the background move slower then the foreground level map. Kinda hard to see taking the gif of it at 10fps.

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