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FT: Devil's Crush want other Turbografx games


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I picked up a Devil's Crush in the jewel case with instructions and plastic sleeve in an estate sale. It is in really nice condition and lightly played as I can't find a thing wrong with the Hucard. The only defect is a tiny rip on the outer case sticker on the back. I can post pics if anybody is interested.


What I want in return is at least 2 other Turbografx games that more or less add up to the value of DC. I interested in horizontal shooters and beat em ups or platformers of some sort. I'm not really interested in sports or puzzle type games and I would like them with case and manual.


An example of what I'd like would be Legendary Axe and Side Arms or Deep Blue and Vigilante... R-Type and China Warrior perhaps. I'll post pics if there is any interest. Pm or post with offers.

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