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Remember 1982


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Tic Tac Toe is boring, how about a game of Global Thermonuclear War instead?



Do I remember 1982? It's a toss up between 1982 and summer of 1981 (Clash of the Titans, hello?) as to which is better. I was 12-13. Played Stargate daily in the arcade, saw Wargames (loved it), Conan The Barbarian (loved it), Blade Runner (yawn), The Thing (loved it), Tron (gave me a headache) etc. in the theater. Would go to the drive-in on the weekend too. Coded with Merlin on my Apple II and started watching Starcade after school on TBS. That year we got a VCR too. Great time to be that age. Did I mention I picked up Yar's Revenge in the summer of '82? Classic.

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Great time to be that age.


Totally agree!

I was 12 in 1982 and remember all of those things and more.

The arcade was the place to be but I also remember riding my bike around town to all of those local shops that housed an arcade game or two.

The barber shop had Armor Attack. Galaxians at the TV repair shop. Pacman at pizza place...

I also remember going to Sears or Canadian Tire to check out the latest from Atari or Commodore.

No internet meant having to count on word of mouth, magazines and TV adverts to hear about new games and systems.

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Dang, it's bizarre to thing of a time when a VCR was "new." I don't think we had one until 1984.

I think we got one in 1983, but it was used. A 70's model RCA Selectavision with just SP/LP recording modes. It was an RCA VBT200

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What am I looking at exactly? Is that some add-on for the Odyssey? I've never seen that and a google search didn't pull anything up.


LOVED Wargames btw! Actually caught it again a few months ago as I hadn't seen it in forever.


It's a Videopac G7200 with a sticker on it.


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