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Like Doctor Who, for which I'd just received DVDs for season 9(1972) from the UK as PAL DVDs have 20-30% more detail than NTSC DVDS (which is quite noticeable on an HDTV), I decided to go back to the very beginning of Star Trek and rewatch everything in order.

I recently wrapped up season 3 of TOS (The Original Series) and had started in on TAS (The Animated Series). I decided to start ripping the movies when I realized I only had movies 1-8 on Laser Disc:

However, my Laser Disc player hasn't worked in years :( So I went to order the Star Trek 1-10 collection from Amazon and noticed that TAS had been released on blu-ray back in November. I was quite impressed with how well TOS turned out on blu-ray, so decided to order it as well even though I already had it on DVD.

I've watched the first few episodes so far (basically the ones I'd recent rewatched on DVD before ordering the blu-ray) and was quite impressed with the extra detail - more stars are noticeable in all space shots, ships and planets have more texture, etc I've taken a few screen grabs of the first episode from DVD and blu-ray - DVD is the first of each pair.

I don't normally repurchase content on blu-ray when I already have it on DVD, though in this case I'm glad I made an exception.

After I finish the TAS I'll watch movies 1-4 then start in on TNG (The Next Generation), which I've been acquiring on blu-ray as well. The first 3 seasons have already been ripped and are awaiting viewing on my Mac mini DVR :D

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