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It's been a while since I did anything with this project. I've been working on a couple of simpler mobile games (one loosely based on the Amiga game, Oxyd). I'm going to try to put a few days' worth of work into this one this week.

The latest is that the game itself is working fine. After the previous update I went back to debugging the issues with the tree placement in the game world. Took me a while to realise where I had gone wrong but I eventually fixed it. For now, however, it's running exclusively as a desktop program. As I suspected, the number of polygons is an issue. The tree creation code needs to be refined somewhat to reduce the number of tiny voxels at the ends of the branches, which are just causing additional overhead without providing any real benefit. When I last tried it with Gear VR, it broke the VR because the Samsung S7 couldn't keep up with having to draw that many polygons twice (once for each eye).

There needs to be some additional optimisation as well in Unity. It seems to me that it's currently still trying to 'draw' each polygon when they're not visible on-screen or occluded by the fog. The VR was breaking even when the trees weren't in view.

So what's been done so far?

Static Landscapes created (needs to be changed to randomly generated landscapes to allow unlimited levels).
Main obelisk added.
Red fog added at the distance
Mouse movement added

Immediate to-do list:

Add stones
Add plants
Allow player to click on stones and plants.

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