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CTRL register's Character Width bit

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Now that I have a concrete idea for a relatively small game that I would like to play on the 7800 (way too early to reveal,
I'd hate to end up on Trebor's Atari 7800 Homebrews and Hacks Thread "dormant" list ;-)), I've picked up 7800 programming again.

To see if I can wrap my head against MARIA's indirect character mode, I'm trying to hack Dan Boris' sprite demo code into a tiled mode demo (without sprites).

The 7800 programmer's guide says this (I've checked two versions):

The CTRL register is arranged as follows:
CK | DM1 | DM0 | CW | BC | KM | RM1 | RM0

CW - Character Width.
0 => Two (2) byte characters.
1 => Single byte characters.


When I setup the CTRL register with CW=1 (Single byte character):

	lda	#%01010011
	sta	CTRL

I get the (unexpected) output as attached (7800_cw_1.png)

While when I set it CW=0 (Two (2) byte characters), I get the output that I hoped to see, three smileys next to each other (7800_cw_0.png).


But don't understand why CW=0 works, I had expected CW=1 to produce the right result.


This is how I setup CHARBASE

	lda #$a0

Here's the relevant DL entry (xpos is contant with 0 value):

   	;Create DL entry for background
   	ldy	dlend,x		;Get the index to the end of this DL
   	lda	#$00				
	sta     (dlpnt),y	;Low byte of data address
	lda	#%01100000	;Mode 320x1
	sta     (dlpnt),y
	lda	#$b0
	sta     (dlpnt),y
	lda	#%00011101	;Palette 0, 1 byte wide
	sta     (dlpnt),y
	lda	xpos		;Horizontal position
        sta     (dlpnt),y
        sty	dlend,x

And this is the graphic data and the tile data:

;************** Graphic Data *****************************
        org $a000
        .byte     %00111100
        org $a100
        .byte     %00111100
        org $a200
        .byte     %01000010 
        org $a300
        .byte     %01000010 
        org $a400
        .byte     %10011001
        org $a500
        .byte     %10011001
        org $a600
        .byte     %10100101
        org $a700
        .byte     %10100101
        org $a800
        .byte     %10000001
        org $a900
        .byte     %10000001
        org $aA00
        .byte     %10100101
        org $aB00
        .byte     %10100101
        org $aC00
        .byte     %01000010
        org $aD00
        .byte     %01000010
        org $aE00
        .byte     %00111100
        org $aF00
        .byte     %00111100

;************** Character map *****************************

		org $b000
		.byte $0,$0,$0

Can somebody explain why two tiles are updated, while I tell the Maria chip that one character takes up 1 byte?


I have added my modified script, but it's an experiment and messy, as I left a lot of the original code of Dan Boris' sprite code in it.That's fully my fault, do not blame Dan for this ;-)

Thanks in advance for any help!





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