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Taming Scales

by J. Caraway

See, sigh, so smitten
Dragon in the blue moon
by a cool white kitten

How are the waves playing now
with the tip of my tail and
my low sagging brow

If I saw you high
my heartbeat shaken
the foam would rise
and my wings awaken!

But the shells do flip about
in the hot mist
as my wave driven arm
drags my talons and wrist

If I smelled your hair
by the rolling breeze
it would draw up my gusset
and strengthen my knees

Now my memories fade
with impatient haste
rolling back with the
tide for one more taste

I see you again
I hear you and reel
that I will touch your
lips to mine and feel.

I have forever
as for a dragon one day
to know the embrace
that must steal you away.


by. J. Caraway (twofold poem about a Siren or Aphrodite. Who are you?)

I feel myself dying within each breath
every second a minute more towards death
and if not that speck of
sand had fallen then
while my eyes drifted
could I win?

Not a temptation or seduction found
in the ceaseless, gnawing seconds bound
to the brimming stinging of
my cracked heart singing.

For my eyes have etched on
diamond stone
an image of naked purity to the very bone.
I will wander with two hacking angels 'bating
of my lost souls toilsome loving, hating
until the very second the last
sand lands
and light from above draws me
into your soft hands.

I wrote these poems for a woman that I am in love with who won't/can't talk to me for whatever reason. She is all I can think about all the time now and I need her. As one could tell by my diary/blog I have pretty much jumped into the deep end with no compass and I'm feeling pretty desolate by now. If you're still reading, please get in touch. If you need my number or need to know how to reach me or get to me in any way please let me know. If you need anything...

....as you wish.

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