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Unsupported Sector Size


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I have some old .atr files that I have had since 1997. I'm thinking they may have gotten corrupt. When I try to use them in Altirra, it gives error "Disk Image <filename> uses an unsupported sector size of 43136 bytes" The images seem pretty small too. I have attached one to this thread. Anyone have any ideas if these are salvagable? (I'm not even sure what is on them.)






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It does look damaged. Maybe some can fix it.


This looks like some of the info on it:



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That's going to be difficult given that it looks like a DOS 2.5 disk that has had chunks randomly cut out of it:

00000000: 96 02 80 20 80 A8 60 A9-80 18 65 24 85 24 90 02  |... ..`...e$.$..|

Dos 2.5.atr:
00000000: 96 02 80 20 80
                        [00 00 00-00 00 00 00 00 00 00 00  |... ............|
00000010: 00 03 00 07 40 15 4C 14-07 03 83 00 CC 19 01 04  |....@.L.........|
00000020: 00 7D CB 07 AC 0E 07 F0-35 20 5F 07 AD 10 07 AC  |.}......5 _.....|
00000030: 0F 07 A6 24 8E 04 03 A6-25 8E 05 03 18 20 6C 07  |...$....%.... l.|
00000040: 30 1C AC 11 07 B1 24 29-03 AA C8 11 24 F0 11 B1  |0.....$)....$...|
00000050: 24 48 C8 B1 24 20 55 07-68 A8 8A 4C 22 07 A9 C0  |$H..$ U.h..L"...|
00000060: 0A]
             A8 60 A9 80 18 65 24-85 24 90 02 E6 25 60 AD  |..`...e$.$...%`.|
00000070: 12 07 85 24 AD 13 07 85-25 60 00 00 8D 0B 03 8C  |...$....%`......|
00000080: 0A 03 A9 52 A0 40 90 04-A9 57 A0 80 08 A6 21 E0  |...R.@...W....!.|

Doesn't seem to have a directory in it, or for that matter, a single $00 byte....

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Not even valid programs on it. There looks like some machine code near the beginning, then the rest aside from what looks like some filenames near the start and finish of the file looks like meaningless data. Definitely not 6502 code and unlikely to be Basic or other HL language. Lots of what looks like repeated strings of single and multiple byte strings.


OK, must be bored. I did a Basic program which reads the raw data from the Atr file, skipping 3 bytes every 128 as you'd expect from a Dos 2.x disk. I'm not skipping the right bytes but by doing what I'm doing it reveals what looks like some valid bitmap data...




The program I used, in Atari800Win+ in turbo. Enable a H: device and put the Atr file in the H1: folder.

10 OPEN #1,4,0,"H:001.TXT"

20 GRAPHICS 9:S=PEEK(88)+PEEK(89)*256

30 FOR A=1 TO 2560:GET #1,Z:NEXT A

40 FOR A=S TO S+7679 STEP 125



999 GOTO 999

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Looks like someone tried to make a compilation disk and failed, but that is stating the obvious. :)


I remember some of the titles. GIRLS can still be seen from the Archive @ https://archive.org/details/a8b_Atari_Girls_19xx_some of the others<only?> like Rybags ~recovered were in odd collections described as something like 'digitized graphic 9 pictures from Atari research' or HQ or R&D. With a total file size of 13k, there just isn't anything that can be done. If I had to guess, it could have been a bad compilation of files from the Pool Disk with a few others mixed in. I remember one GR. 9 pictures that was a centerfold type picture which needed to scroll to see the entire image.

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I do remember all these filenames ! This is a (these are) Technicolour Dream demo disk(s) with some sample/example pictures. Think some (or all?) of these example pictures do have their origin in Germany, since I found them on many german PD disks (and some german disk magazines)... while the program TD itself was from the UK (by Red Rat software).


Think I also found lots of damaged TD disks and searched thru many archives to find working copies of all these pictures. You find the above files on my attached ATR images Techcol4.ATR and Techcol5.ATR...


(I still have an old picture disk with Startrek pictures in Gr. 15, originally saved in compressed Koala / Micro-Illustrator format. They all had some redundant bytes at the end of the file which destroyed the picture when decompressing - I could fix & rescue most pictures and save them in uncompressed Micropainter / 62 sector format, except one picture staring the "Trouble with Tribbles". All other copies I found also had these pictures in Koala format and with the redundant bytes at the end, most likely caused/appended by some old X/Y/Z-modem program...)


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the list of files in post #2 are digitized photos of various persons (man, woman, baby/little child and most of the time you see their face)... think it only includes two or three nude pictures (Girl, Girl II and Girl III)...


The pigwa link has the disk as 001.ATR and this is a standard 130k disk image (with a dutch menu). And yes, only the three Girl pics are nude photos (taken from an old Playboy mag afaik; all three pics are the same actually, shown in different gfx modes and with some colour cycling going on). Boot the disk with Basic enabled...

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