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WiFi Prime


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It's my personal DREAM!


I've tried something like this with bad HW thus unsuccessfully.


The most important thing is that ATARI with ALL it's HW take too much place and WiFi connection can eliminate distances and sizes problems. :)


Best wishes, xxl

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now I get it.

1. interface emulate D1 & D8. D1 works as is. D8 (temporary) as flash 4MB ESP. you can "copy" from "wifi" to D8 (means download) and then "open" mean mount as eg. atr to D1 (any data ESP serve as file save on virtual eg. atr). yes, you can list (directory) what you get in 4MB esp flash memory.


2. any data via http you could load without buffering by ESP - eg. boot via http:

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Inspirational! Great work. Do you have an approximate breakdown of how much flash is left over, free RAM on the ESP, ???, with your program running? I still like to have a hard copy print out of my programs. WiFi to printer or networked printer would be nice. I am still trying to digest this. I was thinking originally the SPI on the ESP would be good for a uSD interface, then it stuck me it would be unnecessary/redundant with a WiFi file server.

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