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MASH with t-shirt


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I remember seeing the T-shirt bundle in the mall when I was a kid. I already had the game, but thought it was so cool to have a shirt come packed in with an Atari game!


Was there ever any other T-shirt/game bundles?

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Any one have the t-shirt that came with MASH? It was light green with the MASH logo on the front and 20th Century Fox games on the back. I had it. Not sure what happend to it. I used to wear it all the time.


I have a loose, used one.




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I'll have to look but I'm pretty sure it eventually made it to the rag basket decades ago. I do know I bought the game with the shirt at Camelot Music in the mall for $3.00 and then got a $5.00 rebate by mail (rebate booklet included with Fantastic Voyage I bought a few weeks earlier). Free game, shirt and $2.00. I loved the crash.


One shirt I know I still have is Black Dragon...A Game On Compuserve from the early 80s. It was a cool online text adventure and I ordered the shirt from their monthly news letter. Still intact, but I wore it so much as a kid, you can literately see through it.

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Are they worth big bucks now still sealed? Had an opportunity to get one for $20 years ago, but passed. Already had the game, but not the shirt. :(

from the sales I have seen, I would say they are worth between $80-$120 sealed. Not sure that it is big bucks, but not cheap.
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I did just receive one fr of m a friend. Sealed game and everything that came in the bundle. Plastic was torn and my woman has been wanting the shirt do I gave it to her. Everyone that has one know they are very small shirts. She accidentally dried it. Well it is the size for a kid it us laughable. I have 11 sealed Mash bundled games in my collection. So if anyone wants to sell there's I would buy it for $200. In great condition. My last purchase was fabman99 thank you Larry.

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