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I had rediscovered that I was using the collision detection on the oranges. So I had to do the other way and add a lot of extra code to make the guy get the objects. And then it began. I tried on real hardware: Nothing was the result. So began a few hours of moving code around to get the stupid thing working. I eventually did however. I have used up 1,300 bytes which means I have 700 bytes left to add eating oranges and slowing them down logic in the game. Adding 20 points for the cherry getting was the easy part so I did that first. I think the most challenging part to code will be having the guy eat oranges, which means I'll do that last, after the slowing down the oranges part which I'll tackle first. I hope and I think it will fit in 2k. Because this doesn't seem like a game that should use 4k. I also had to fiddle around with the code that has the guy get the objects. I had to make sure the guy wasn't getting them too soon or too late, which also took a lot of time because I didn't know how to tweak the code. But I think this is okay now. So that is what I did almost all morning after waking up at 6am: work on the game. Then I had lunch at 11:30am: A bag of microwave popcorn. But I am so sick of microwave popcorn I could vomit. Perhaps I should try a different brand. I got sick of Jolly Time so I switched to Pop Secret. I guess I should switch back now.

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