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Season 6 - The New HSC - Week 16 = Crystal Castles


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2600 High Score Club - Week 16:




CLARIFICATION: No use of cheats, emulation advantages, bugs, cart frying or other variables that would give you an unfair advantage in this HSC. No game enhancements or special favorite settings are allowed for play in the 2600 HSC, unless specifically authorized by your humble yet strict MODERATORS! (Jacob/BAZ.)




Crystal Castles

Released By: Atari 1984

Programmed By: Peter C. Niday

Left Difficulty: B

Right Difficulty: B

Game Mode: Default


The HSC Record for Crystal Castles: 359,763 by Atardi (Original High Score Club Season 7 Week 2, 2009)

Break the record for +3 bonus points!





Post your scores right here in this thread. They will be duly added to the high score list. Remember to play the game with the recommended game mode and difficulty settings as shown above so that your scores will be consistent with everyone else. Please refer to the rules thread for further information on what is allowed and if you

have any more questions about what is considered fair play, feel free to ask about it here.

Have Fun !

The deadline for posting scores is 11:59:59 PM (EST) the evening of May 14th, 2017







bonus: Chase the Chuckwagon


That's right! It's not the most popular game but you can earn bonus points :)


:arrow: Post a score (+1)

:arrow: Top score: (+5)

:arrow: 2nd thru 5th place: (+3)


:arrow: Break the HSC record: (+3)

( 2,742 by the5thghost )







Crystal Castles High Scores

(Scoring is +1 point for last place and up from there)


1. 152,016 Vocelli +25+1

2. 138,560 Jin +24+5

3. 127,770 nads +23

4. 110,790 classicgamer_27330 +22

5. 86,632 Mister-VCS +21

6. 78,039 TheHoboInYourRoom +20+1

7. 75,372 S.BAZ +19+1

8. 68,426 KaeruYojimbo +18+1

9. 59,253 darthkur +17+1

10. 58,339 snakeboy +16+1

11. 55,773 oyamafamily +15+3

12. 46,922 bugcatcher88 +14

13. 46,774 DarQ Massacres +13+3

14. 46,072 toiletunes +12+3

15. 43,772 AtariWarlord +11+1

16. 38,127 Piggles +10

17. 33,816 LidLikesIntellivision +9

18. 33,660 Abel M'Vada +8+1

19. 32,603 Buttons +7+3

20. 31,437 Atarian7 +6+3

21. 30,854 Raccoony Dave +5+1

22. 28,879 Scrabbler15 +4

23. 26,875 karokoenig +3+1

24. 22,743 Lauren Tyler +2+1

25. 18,112 agb +1

-- Capitan Classic +0+3






Chase the Chuckwagon bonus scores


1. 1,966 Jin (+5)

2. 1,903 oyamafamily (+3)

3. 1,655 Buttons (+3)

4. 1,590 Atarian7 (+3)

5. 1,405 toiletunes (+3)

6. 1,322 DarQ Massacres (+3)

7. 1,238 darthkur (+1)

8. 1,071 Abel M'Vada (+1)

9. 1,065 TheHoboInYourRoom (+1)

10. 1,052 snakeboy (+1)

11. 1,003 Vocelli (+1)

12. 904 KaeruYojimbo (+1)

13. 863 Raccoony Dave (+1)

14. 825 S.BAZ (+1)

15. 667 AtariWarlord (+1)

16. 460 karokoenig (+1)

17. 426 Lauren Tyler (+1)












Season Standings Through Week 14 (Cartoon Weeks III)


1. oyamafamily 590
2. Jin 483
3. Vocelli 443
4. Diamonds 440
5. S.BAZ 421
6. snakeboy 409 ^1
7. Atarian7 391
8. nads 388 ^2

9. CapitanClassic 383
10. darthkur 369
11. KaeruYojimbo 330 ^3
12. TheHoboInYourRoom 309
13. keilbaca 306
14. Gorfy 271
15. Tony Danger 251
16. Lauren Tyler 235 ^1
17. karokoenig 235 ^1
18. AtariWarlord 232 ^2
19. Scrabbler15 226

20. toiletunes 197 ^5

21. Hyperboy 195
22. agb 190
23. classicgamer_27330 181
24. Mister-VCS 178 ^3

25. David Ward 165
26. McCallister 147
27. RaccoonyDave 145 ^7

28. Piggles 143

29. Cynicaster 142

30. SpiceWare 127
31. RJ 123

32. roadrunner 118
33. bugcatcher88 117
34. Deteacher 114
35. ed1475 112

36. LidLikesIntellivision 111 ^9
37. DarQ Massacres 107

38. DT Kofoed 106

39. DanielJSorenson 77

40. Micheloni2600 73
41. Eltigro 71

42. troff 70

43. Harrison 65

44. Northcoastgamer 63
45. MrBubble 40

46. :arrow: Abel M'Vada 32

47. Tony The 2600 28

48. Morinphen 24

49. Nathan Strum 23
50. jblenkle 22

51. Allen Schweitzer 21

52. :arrow: Buttons 19

53. JacobZu7zu7 15

54. MayDay 9

55. NIKON 7

56. Tickled_Pink 3








Expect a variety of game selections from the late '70's to early '90's as well as a few Homebrews sprinkled in.


There will be special rounds consisting of multiple games and lasting more than one week.


Up next -- More homebrew action!


Overall the NEW High Score Club Season 6 will last THROUGH August 2017.

Bracket Challenge to follow -- TOP 24 players matched up in single-elimination tournament!

Crystal Castles (1984) (Atari, Michael Kosaka, Peter C. Niday, Robert Vieira) (CX26110) ~.bin

Chase the Chuckwagon (1983) (Spectravideo - Video Games Industries Corporation, Mike Schwartz - Ralston Purina) ~.bin

Edited by S.BAZ
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Crystal Castles!? Awesome!! :D This game is definitely in my Top 10 favorite games on the Atari 2600, so I know I'm gonna have a great time playing this round. On my first try this afternoon I already topped my previous all time high score (which was 123,893) and hopefully I can improve it further with some more practice.



Crystal Castles (B/B Difficulty, Default Settings): 138,560






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Yay!!! One I like & actually do well on!

BTW, I got past the final castle BITD. It just starts over with the first castle/3 crystal balls at a higher difficulty.

Sweet! This is one of the few Atari 2600 games I actually own a copy of too. I'm not sure whether or not I've beaten the final castle as well, but I do know that when I was playing this afternoon I did get to the point that the game started back from the first level at least once. What always gets me is the harder difficulty third level when you're up on top of a big X shaped castle roof with three elevators going down and there's about half a dozen trees chasing you like mad. I've never been able to fend them off long enough to take an elevator down and finish the level.

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CC 228,783


The "final" screen (before the castles start over again) has 4 towers in a row along the back, maybe 1 on each left & right hand side, a smaller boomerang-shaped level, with a short elevator up/down to the larger foreground area.


Fuzzy memory since it's been about 25 yrs since I've seen it.

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S.BAZ: At the ending of Cartoon Contest on this HSC Season 6, KEILBACA didn't paid attention in the special note for Popeye; his score ends with 20 (118,720) when the LEGIT scores end with 00 or 50. He used the 115,120-point glitch, and therefore broke the specific rule as I recognized.

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bonus: Chase the Chuckwagon


That's right! It's not the most popular game but you can earn bonus points :)

This is a very cruel choice. This is the most "almost good but not quite" game I ever played.

You're movement is slow, the enemy movement is random, your dog get stuck on corners, most point are earned in a reflex game between mazes and dying means waiting for the time to run out while you're paralyzed. It wouldn't take much change to make this game good, but playing this game is like putting on wet socks. Playing ultiple games to get good and hopefully lucky is a feat of pure determination.


Did you pick this game S.BAZ? Are you really doing this to us? What did we do to deserve this? Thou are a fair monarch, but I beg thee to tell us how we angered thou so we might never suffer thy wrath agayn.

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This is a very cruel choice...


HAhaha :grin:


here's how I decided... I thought, "CC? How about another CC game for the bonus? ...Crypts of Chaos? nah - looks too involving. Crazy Climber? hmm... that seems to deserve a week of its own. Ah! Here we go -- Chase the Chuckwagon! :lolblue: It's just for bonus points anyway, lol.





Thanks oyama, I didn't notice that! But let's wait to hear from keilbaca first in case it was a typo.

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CC 228,783


The "final" screen (before the castles start over again) has 4 towers in a row along the back, maybe 1 on each left & right hand side, a smaller boomerang-shaped level, with a short elevator up/down to the larger foreground area.


Fuzzy memory since it's been about 25 yrs since I've seen it.


I know exactly the stage you're talking about, and I did finish it before the game looped back to the beginning levels I guess I've completed the final castle too. :) Killer score by the way! Did you happen to get a picture of it? I only ask because I was pretty sure that picture or video evidence was required for high score submissions (especially ones that high) this season.

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No I dont take pics for the HSC, IDK how, I'm not technically savvy, which means I have to bug my wife to do it, & I'm sure she thinks I should be doing something practical/productive.


Plus it's just a friendly gaming contest on an elderly console, would anyone REALLY cheat by lying about their score? I'm guessing the contest moderators would have people participate, rather than kick them out because they dont provide pics. & when the bonuses call for posting pics, I dont do that either, since (once again) it's a friendly contest that's for fun.


But I will try to best it, or at least get close. I wanna see that "final" screen again! I forgot to say it's all ghosts & skeletons on that level too.

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...or better yet a trakball) .

Wellll...the trackball ain't that great on this game either. It surely doesnt do as well as the arcade game, where you can zip all the way along straightaways with a flick of your hand.

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Yeah! I am back from Conferences!


Crystal Castles: 120,718

Actually a GREAT port of one of my favorite games. They were able to make it challenging and strategic.

I always get stuck on the 5 tree level and lose 3-4 lives.... game over!

Need to figure out how to jump trees better and make it thru that level.

That's my goal... get thru the 5 tree level.


I also have a full size Crystal Castles in my garage!

It is a great game with secrets/warps and the game actually ends.

The trac-ball is GREAT!

I have made it all the way to the last board using warps but have never completed that last board.

Some day... bucket list.



Edited by Vocelli
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