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This probably won't summon things...

I will likely snap out of my funk one of these years and crust out some more animation. You can see varying degrees of quality and effect.

My first work revolved around Lego blocks. I have several transforming warplane/spaceplane models that both transform without removing bricks and stand without aid for filming. The one in my examples here is my first and uses a rare, coveted red hinge original piece. This piece is the key to the jets ability to flip around and transform. The other models are weaker for not having this primary component and rely on newer combined hinge and clasp creations.

My latest work is with playscale/1/6 figures which require enormous backdrops and expensive trinkets. It's fun and sweaty work so it helps to relax and be imaginative (cough, cough).

The cheapest scale to use just lost Star Wars from an animators perspective as the 6inch line only has the articulation necessary for animation. I love trying to squeeze life out of the inarticulate as well, so it's all good.

I love you all. *winks at Eva

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