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Heavy Sixer Questions


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I purchased a Heavy Sixer yesterday along with Combat 01 and Air Sea Battle 02 (both in ok condition gatefold boxes) and all the stuff looks original. The power plug is the only thing that didn't work, but I used another one I had and the system, controllers and (shockingly) the paddles worked great. I have a few questions.


How can you tell if the joysticks are from 1977 without the metal Atari logo on the top? The plastic under the rubber is black and there are 6 (I think) little groves that keep the rubber cover from spinning around. Photo below.


I also included a photo of the paddles. Is there a way to tell if they're from original to the console, or does it not really matter?


The original tan colored game manual was also included, but I'm not sure that's worth very much.


Thanks for your time.



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Your joysticks have the hexagon indent up top for that little plate with the Atari logo. Also, if the throw is long on the stick and has a springy feel to it, another way you can tell they're originals. Or just open them up and look for the springs, but I'd say they all look like what originally came with the H6'er.

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The CX-10 (original design, packed in with most Heavy Sixers) doesn't have the word "TOP" embossed into the base next to the Fire button. So that one you show looks like a CX-10 housing at least, in addition to the hexagon-shaped indention at the top of the stick itself.

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I have many CX-10's with some that don't have the top stick indent for the hex disk.

I assume those are 1978 CX-10's? Maybe they are user replaced rubber, or rebuilt Frankensticks?


I have one hex disk I found stuck to an H6 switch plate, and a chess piece box missing one end flap that I'm proud to display.

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