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connecting Tigervision gamecarts to TI


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If you're so inclined, can run a jumper wire across the connector inside the SS to pass the 5v. Wouldn't need the power adapter for your 32k or remove the SS in order to play your side cart games after. There's a pictorial somewhere 'round here, showing what to do.


Never actually did it to my SS. Figured the couple times a year I play Miner, is good to reseat the SS - keep the contacts clean and all that. And then the multi-carts came out, so no need to bother now. :love:




Oh, didn't know you had a PEB too... don't think you want to perform that 5v mod on your SS, even if you were thinking about it. :)

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OHHH! I never realized you had never played the game before!! Back in the day it, and Jumpman (& Jumpman Jr) kept me up until the wee hours on my Atari 800XL. (I had Jumpman on tape, and I was often just kept up till the wee hours with miss-loads!)


The TI version of Miner2-49er is missing the first screen and the last screen for memory reasons, but aside from that (and missing numbers on the elevators (hit 1,2,3 or 4 to go to that floor btw)), it is pretty much identical to the other versions out there. And yup it is a REALLY great game! (Warning pixel-perfect jumping is often critical in level 3 and above - can be frustrating until you learn EXACTLY when to jump to an adjoining platform)


Coincidentally, Junkman Jr (or Jumpman Jr which is a more graphically accurate clone that was never released on cartridge - likely for copyright reason) is only missing one level (the Epyx level... for obvious reasons) , but every level that is included has subtle differences when compared to the official Epyx release (moving ladders instead of moving platforms, flames instead of electrical shocks, walls instead of wind etc etc etc),


Each level has also been renamed to better reflect the differences (and again, probably to avoid getting their butts sued)l.


I always felt that Jumpman was the best platformer of its time**, but Miner2049 is also up there. btw if you like Bounty Bob, try "The Mine" a similar (but R-E-A-L-L-Y H-U-G-E!!!) 4A game.




**(of course I had never seen Attack of the Creepers back then)

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