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All over a bad joystick...just wow...

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I barely have time to play with all of my vintage computers, but I try to invest some time into each every other night. I figured tonight would be a good ol' C64 night. I have a mint clean C64 and a Ultimate II+ cart which makes life easy. But tonight I was running into odd issues. First, the joystick would only move left and right in the menus (in joystick #2). WTH? Rebooted and it worked again. Odd. Was setting up some settings, and the machine backed out to basic in the middle. Then I played a game and it did it again. Now I am starting to think something is wrong with the hardware (either the C64 or the Ultimate II+)


Then I went to play Gyruss. The controls felt weird. I quickly noticed I could not move down. Hmmm....


Then I downloaded this fantasic and useful app:




Sure enough, the 500XJ I had connected to port #1 has an issue. Down was not working. I replaced it with another and tested that. Down (and all directions, fire) work fine. Now everything works fine. When I first received the Ultimate II+ I ran Gyruss and it would freeze on launch every other time. I never really played it. I was just running stuff and I assumed it was a U2+ compatibility issue of some type. Gyruss is one of those games that use port #1 for gameplay whereas 99% of everything else uses port #2. So, unless you are using port #1 often with something you may never know you have a bad joystick plugged into it.


That stupid joystick was the cause of all of my odd problems. There must be a short somewhere in it on top of it not working correctly. Glad that is resolved. At least I found a nice GUI C64 program that can test them ;)


Case in point that issues can be from anything...even the most simple of things.

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I also found in all of the madness that there was a Ultimate II+ firmware update that corrects a lot of issues including the floppy speaker whine problem....and adds volume control to that speaker as well. Definitely recommend updating if you have one!

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