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There is a selfishness in the forcing of groups.

-Silfeather Opa <---Opa Opa

Hell is always wishing for war, while Heaven is always at war to keep life.
The loneliness of the dead compels hell to peace (nothing) while creation's
battle for life assures a continual war in the higher universe.

Peace in Heaven is the lack of need...

...or death.

Peace is hell

Consider the flies and bees.

A fly is the harbinger of the dead. Like mice, if you see them they are likely aiding in the decomposition of a corpse. As the maggot will
never eat even the tiniest bit of living tissue, it can cleanse away death in itching, turning, natural precision. Flies do not war as they serve death and hell.

A bee is the herald of life. Like the thoughts of the mind of a tree are a bee. They give everything, little warrior valkyrie amazons with spears
tied to their very hearts and beautiful like nothing else. Their vomit can never degrade and is sweet like gold which cannot tarnish.

Where you see flies there is death and about to be peace and at least a patch of stillness for sure.

Where you see bees there is fruit, flowers, life, trees, honey.

When someone says to go to hell remember that Hell is creation.

Light the fires of hell with someone and join your two fires to heat up that furnace and push those pistons and yank the spirit of god from
the infinite mind and give it a meat puppet body to robot around for a while in. HELL IS SEX! ENJOY IT!
If you are looking in someones eyes, though. Making love is heaven.

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