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Astrocade Serial Numbers?


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Is there a list of serial numbers of Astrocades somewhere?


I'm not aware of a list of serial numbers for the Astrocade, but you may find this Bally Professional Arcade model number information useful:


BPA 1000 - Sold through Montgomery Ward catalog

BPA 1100 - Sold through retail/TV stores

BPA 1200 - Sold by JS&A


The above information is from Arcadian 1, no. 10 (Sep. 31, 1979): 77:




In addition, Astrocades sold by Astrovision/Astrocade, Inc. had the following model number:


ABA-1000 - Sold by Astrovision/Astrocade, Inc.


Lance Squire has a great visual compilation of the bottom labels of the Astrocade:




As you'll see in Lance's collection of BPA/Astrocade labels, there were numerous models of the Astrocade produced, with quite a few variations of labels.


In my collection of letters to the Arcadian newsletter, there were many people that responded to an Arcadian poll asking for serial numbers from readers. The earliest serial number that I have read was from Herb Weintraub, who had a JS&A unit with serial number 279:




What is the serial number on your unit?





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Wow. Thanks for the info. The label on mine is [model BPA-1100, serial no. 1228]


KylJoy, your model BPA-1100, serial no. 1228 would make it an early unit sold through stores. These came out after the initial run that were sold through JS&A in the fall and winter of 1977 (but not delivered until January of 1978). I've read, though I've not seen any confirmation, that there were about 5,000 units sold through JS&A. I can't remember where I read this number, but I wish I could confirm it.



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