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Altirra Black Screen


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Today, I went to use Altirra and the screen is just black. If I click close, it goes grey and then if I pick Display from the view menu, it goes black.


Inserting disks or cartridges or changing the machine type seems to have no effect.


I tried redownloading it and going through initial setup again and it still just shows a black screen.


Does it store settings somewhere that may need to be deleted to reset it?


any other ideas?




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Depending on the version it has a reset settings option in Tools / Options.


If its old then you can use a command line with a /resetall


It also can store the settings as a config file in the root where Altirra is if you launch Altirra with a /portable extra to the command line, to return to it using the registry just delete the cfg WHILE its running..

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I figured out what I did. I changed the VM sharing permissions on my host and didn't realize that Altirra was using a path on the host to get to the system BIOSes. When I re-installed it, I copied the BIOS folder locally, but I guess it was still pointing to an old path until I manually changed it and then it found one at the new path.

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