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The death of a TurboForth cartridge.


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TL;DR: See video link at the end of topic.

The Long Story.

So I won a Turboforth Cartridge at FestWest.
Then Turboforth introduction and tutorials started popping up on the Development forums.

I took this as a sign.

At first, I couldn't get it to work properly even when i discovered the jumper settings on the green board were not set as they should have been for the eeprom chip installed.

Then I discovered that I needed BLOCKS on DSK1 which Willsy supplied and it took me a while to figure out how to get that working and loaded on my nanoPEB.

All the while having weird issues while running the cart.

Finally I got Willsy's BLOCKS loaded and working, that's when i thought I would just load up the demos and check them out.

Strange issues happening, some would run, some wouldn't, some would crash the console.


So i decided to take a video of the issues so folks wouldn't think i was making it all up, and it took a while because the demos were magically working without issue.

Until they weren't. Cartridge dead. :( - In the short term, I suppose emulation, in the long term i need to find a chip to reprogram as i think the eeprom went bad (best case scenario).

I don't know how to frame a youtube video here so a direct link to the unpublished video is below. if it shows up framed and playable, I had nothing to do with that.

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What did you change the jumper settings to?

JP 1 and 3 since the eeprom is a 27128. And JP1 and 3 were what is printed on the board for such a chip number. They were previously set to JP 1 and 4 which is for a 27256 eeprom chip.

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And just like that my issues are gone. I was unaware Turboforth works via FR99 so I loaded it up thanks to the Jedi and it works.

I have something to play with on real iron now. I has a happy....................................................face.


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So it looks like your console was so freaking jazzed to be running TurboForth that it actually killed itself!


I can only think of two things that could cause that kind of behaviour :


1) Dirty cart port. I've had some REALLY weird effects from my cart port on my console. Even cleaning it hasn't made much difference as the spring effect of the pins in the cart connector have diminished over the years. It doesn't "grip" the cart PCB very well anymore.


2) Wrong speed EPROM - too slow.

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