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Gone: Game Gear, new caps, battery doors


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Long time ago I bought a couple game gears off ebay, thinking they would be a simple recap and flip, and both were dead beyond my ability to repair (well the screen cable was ripped on one and the other large parts of the motherboard was ate up with battery goo)


Then a week or two ago I got a couple more from the free thread, and in a combination of all 4 units I have one that is working great now


Case is not mint, there's some scratches on the screen cover and some lint I cant get out for the life of me under the screen cover, neither really is that bad during game play


Has all new cap's on the motherboard, power board and audio board


Has battery doors though one is scratched up much more than the other


Asking 40$ shipped USA and paypal only please, does not come with power adapter, batteries or games, console only







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