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Weird Pac-Man clone/port thing

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Hey all, when I was young and new to retro gaming, I remember seeing a video of a Pac-Man game, not a fan game, it was recorded off a real console, but with a difference.


It looked like the 5200 version of Pac-Man but in the centre of the maze, around the ghost regenerator, were four square shaped walls, and when Pac-Man ate a power pill, the ghosts wouldn't turn blue, but would go into these four walls, still their original colors.


I have created mock-ups of the game, if anyone could give me info on this, that would be appreciated.





Normal play




After eating a power pill.

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Memories of back in the day stuff can be pretty foggy or inaccurate. Your distant memories of past port that you saw somewhere will be through rose-tinted nostalgia goggles. If you do stumble upon this port that you saw during your childhood, you will likely be much less impressed with it than the day you first saw it, and your memories of playing it or viewing it on monitor may not be accurate.


For instance, as a kid I begged my mom for an NES but didn't get one though I did get limited play time at friend's houses. Once while watching the evening news, they did a report upon the effects of video games on the developing child brian. I saw what I thought was a clear shot of a coin room from Super Mario, but what happened next was fallacy. In the brief several second clip, Mario released a fireball, bouncing the normal way before ricocheting off the pipe at the right side of the screen, hitting Mario and killing him. Now only the Game Boy version allows fireballs to bounce off walls, and you cannot get hurt by your own fire, but the news report was full color NES underground pallet. No other version of Mario has fireball physics which behave in this manner, so it was either: (a) a bootleg PC clone of Mario Bros, or (b) a false memory.


My own interpretation of this was it was a legitimate SMB screenshot and I imagined the effect of the fireball ricocheting off the wall and killing Mario, therefore it became etched into my childhood memory in this fashion. I say this because whatever you think you saw 30+ years ago may only be partially based in reality. Flojo may be right. You may have seen Super Pac or Pac N Pal in the arcade, then seen 5200 or 8-bit Pacman at home, and then fused the images together in your memory.


Take care. If you come across something else that resembles your memory, I would love for you to post it here. There were a lot of arcade bootlegs and 80s computer hacks of Pacman with all sorts of maze variations as well, as well as a handful of variants licensed by Midway before they lost their Namco license. Some of these altered boards are featured in the 7800 Pacman Collection by PMP.

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Are you thinking of MunchMan for the TI99/4a? That's the only port I know of where the monsters go into separate boxes after you eat and energizer and catch them.


Yeah, it is a lot like this clone, only, in the clone, once the ghosts go into the boxes, you can't catch them in any way, as they were still their "dangerous" colors


It's possible that's what I saw and just confusing the graphics with the 5200.

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So do you think that was it? Seems you would have remembered the bright white screen, but I guess it's been a very long time and people remember old stuff differently.


No, it was a black screen, and definitely ghosts, not Xs!

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There is a Munch Man for the C64, but it represents Pac-Man closer than MunchMan. It seems TI's MunchMan may have borrowed more than just from Pac-Man.


Two of the enemy's shapes look very similar to the Energy Ships and the 'scared' form of the Satellite enemies from Vic-20's Cosmic Cruncher a year earlier:




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