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atari2600land's Blog - Celery issue 24


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So it was one of those rare occasions where I had an idea for an "Adventures of the 50-Foot-Tall Stalk of Celery" issue. I didn't share issue 23, but it did take a lot of work scanning and cleaning up these 12 pages of issue 24. And you can find it here
It's a lovely issue where Mr. Celery goes back in time to the time where dinosaurs were roaming around. I should have called this issue "Dancing With Dinosaurs." But I didn't. I named it "It's About Time." Next up is issue 25, which will be half-way to 50, which will be half-way to 100. If it took me ten years to make 25 issues, then it should take 30 more years to make 100. By that time, I will be 64 years old. I'd better hurry up. I want to do this before 2046.

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