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Apple IIc+ LCD Display - Cable Repair


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This is an easy one. The Apple LCD Display I got with my IIc+ had the internal display cable exposed at the screen end. This is a quick run-down of how to fix this problem.



It's not absolutely necessary to remove the screen stand, but it makes the process easier. The long flathead screw is unscrewed with a flathead screwdriver, and then a little poke with an awl at the nut end will push it out enough to remove.



The four screws in the back come out, and there is a tab at the middle of the top edge that needs to be released to open the case.



Removing the two screw on the cable shield inside the rear case lets you pop off the cable retainer on the back.



The offending cable clip. This will slide off the sheathing if it's tugged too hard. Open it up a bit, reposition back on the sheathing, and then fix in place with a careful squeeze of your pliers.



Pop the cable retainer back on, screw the cable shield back into place, pop the rear case back on and screw it closed with the four screws, and wiggle the long flathead back through the screen stand to reassemble. And viola! Your LCD screen is as illegible as it ever was!

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