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Preserving Vectrex joystick?


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Recently I had a stroke of luck and found a Vectrex controller in near-immaculate condition. I plugged it into my system, and it felt great to use. The joystick is very tight and responsive.


I'm wondering, is there a specific way I should store/use this controller to ensure the joystick remains tight? Or is it bound to degrade over time regardless?



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the tightness is directly related to 2 springs that are part of the potentiometer assembly that makes up the joystick. These have been known to break, I had a custom run of springs made to replace the originals*. The overlay on the top covers 5 screws you need to remove to get access to the guts of the controller to replace these springs, adjust them via inbuilt trimmer pots or clean the buttons. It comes up rather easily with application of heated air for several minutes, but you can tell it's been lifted up forever afterwards. (someone has made replacement controller "fascia" however as well if you want to replace the overlay)


* you can order the springs here http://entropy.tmok.com/~gauze/vectrex/wip/shop.html

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