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Showing an original Akalabeth disk running on an Apple II computer


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I just wanted to share with Apple II fans my orginal disk of Akalabeth(progame edition) running on an actual hardware. I do believe there are not many videos of people showcasing this game on video running on actual hardware. The Video Monitor is a B & W Amdek Video 100. Enjoy!


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Have also been offered $1000 for my disk. Not enough.

My version of the game is Complete! ~ Akalabeth World of Doom ~ Demon Cover Art release.

(See PICs)

Would consider a serious offer from right collector/fan.


Akalabeth World of Doom Apple ][ 5¼" Disk California Pacific Computer Company 1980

Game Start:

When the game boots up it asks whether or not you want instructions. Press the "Y" key and the game

then runs through the basic history of Akalabeth along with a cave/dameon GRAPHIC Arts intro. screen

& the instructions for playing. Pressing "N" from this first prompt skips past the intro and

instructions and takes you directly to the start of the game.

Manual Directions/Controls:

You can use the arrow keys to move Left~West and Right~East but to move Up~North you use the " Enter "

key and to move Down~South you use the " / " key.

Letter " S " for players Statistics

Letter " A " for Attack

SpaceBar for PASS

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I'm actually surprised it boots on a //c. I remember buying The Standing Stones at Electronics Boutique when it came out and it wouldn't boot at all. I think it either just went to Check Disk Drive or dumped into the monitor after the title screen (it's been too long so I don't quite remember). Regardless, it wouldn't work on the //c.

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