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Space Zap 2600 Idea


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I am trying to make the first home port of space zap and have most of the graphics figured out.

My main problem is, I can't find out if the copyright on the original space zap was dissolved, in another company's hands or floating in the abyss.


If I can make Space Zap for the 2600 without getting sued then I'll go for it(I probably should finish ski challenge first). I think the bigges coding problem I'll have will be the satellite part of the game but other than that I should be able to figure out the rest(I hope).


P.S. I know there is a similar game made for the 2600 back in the day but I would like to make an "official" port.


Thanks in advance.

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I'd say you're fine with making the port. It's more of a forgotten title (even though it's loved by us). Nothing would really happen. Also, the port sounds really cool. I played Space Zap so much in the arcades.

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So it'll just be this game with perhaps different graphics? Or are you the one who did it?




Speaking of Vault Assult, I wonder what the difficulty switches did (I downloaded the rom off of AtariAge). Setting both to A seems to make the fighters spawn faster but I dunno which does what exactly.


Edit: I see a colour indication with the left difficulty set to A, though it'll still be cool to have the switches' functions clarified and if Select does anything.

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