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Can't update my profile...

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I mentioned this to one of the mods recently,and he suggested that I start a thread about it here.



I've been having trouble updating my profile's 'About Me' section lately. I press the Edit Profile button and it just directs me to a blank page. :( I have no clue why that is as it wasn't like that before.



I'd like to update my content because it's really out of date.

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I am still having issues with this.


I just now tried to update my profile on a completely different computer with a different browserand even a different OS,and it still takes me to a blank page :_(



Not sure why that is. Photobucket changed their dumb website so they blocked my pic on third party sites,making my profile look incomplete.



Hope this gets fixed soon! :???:

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I would suppose some entry in one of the database tables is corrupt, causing the forum software to bail out, possibly with a silent error in a log on the server. Those tables tend to not be human editable even for the admin unless he knows the software from inside and out, but if there is an error message somewhere perhaps it helps tracking down the error. I understand the mods can try to edit your page which should give a timestamp to reference to in the logs. Perhaps there is an option to restore one user's profile to default (i.e. erase custom content) which would at least allow you to redo your profile.

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