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My composite mod is worse than the coax output


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I did a composite mod last year in my CV using the kit from coolretroprojects. Unfortunately the kit actually made it look worse so I went back to my coax connection. Now that I have some time I would like to investigate this further. Also I could also attempt a different mod using my own parts.


For instance, I see a fair bit of noise in the screen with the composite output... kind of like faint diagonal lines one moment, then horizontal lines, then other types of interference patterns. It's not horrible but the changing noise gets annoying on games with blue backgrounds such as the Evolution title screen.


Anyone else had this experience? Ideas?

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Do you have a picture of the mod installed? Where did you tap your connections?


The second picture shows How I usually install mine.


Make sure to cut a hole in the RF box for the wires to come out so you can put the top shield of the RF box back on.

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This is the picture I took last year, so here are the connections. (See attached)


The wires are really thin in this kit so I wonder if that has any impact.

I did put the RF shield cover back on and routed the wires out a hole, but that makes no difference.


EDIT: From top to bottom, the wiring is: Ground, Audio, Video, 12V


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